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Gratuitous Spitfire Picture

This shot was taken on the way home from this evening’s MN Triumphs club meeting.


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Hubcap Mishap


So I was diving into work this morning and everything was going fine. (We have a Triumph meeting this evening.)

However, as I was turning into the parking lot at work, I heard a clang-ca-clang-clang sound trailing off the driver’s side.

I figured immediately that one of the hubcaps had flown off.  I parked the car and, sure enough, the driver’s side front hubcap was gone.

Fortunately it was close so I just walked back and found it laying on the grass.  The hubcap is now back in its rightful place.

OK, I enjoy having fun going through the turns, but I didn’t think I was going THAT fast.  🙂

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First Drive Of Spring

I took the Spitfire out for a short drive (and celebratory pizza) yesterday evening, which is the first drive this spring.

The brakes are a bit better.  However, as I told Paul, I’m not sure if that’s because they’re actually better, or if it’s psychological and I’m hammering them harder because I know components have been replaced and rebuilt.

The tachometer was making a bit of noise, as if the cable is slipping or jumping.  That noise went away after a while, then came back, then went away again.  Each time, the noise was accompanied by the tach jumping around a bit.  By the end of the drive, it seemed fine, so I’ll keep an eye on it.

Everything else about the drive was fun and easy.  Everything worked and handled as expected.

I kept the top up as it was still a bit cool out.

Perhaps the worst problem was just dodging all the potholes on the streets.  It seems some were large enough to swallow the little Triumph.

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The New Master!

Master cylinder, that is.  For the brakes.  It’s in!

Brake Master CylinderThe brakes have always been soft, and in my attempt to remedy that, I’ve rebuilt the calipers, rebuilt the old master cylinder, replaced the flexible hoses, and bled the system several times.  Nothing seemed to work.

So, the next attempt was to replace the master cylinder.

We’re starting to thaw out here in Minnesota so it’s time to start getting the little Spitfire ready for spring and summer.  This part of the brakes was one of the bigger tasks to get ready for driving, which I’ll hopefully do in the next week or two.

Oh, and I connected the trickle charger to the battery to get it fully powered again.  That should be ready in the next 24 hours or so.

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