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Winery Tour


Lots of Triumphs at the Woodland Hill Winery today.  I’ve counted 17 plus lots of other cool cars.  Several pictures are on the Facebook page.  🙂


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“Well, now that’s too small to be a Jaguar.”

That’s what I heard someone say as I stopped to get gas in the U-Haul truck in Clear Lake, Iowa.

Quick pit-stop in Clear Lake, Iowa, on the way up to Minneapolis.

The Triumph was shrouded in its car cover, and the fellow at the next pump (some big burly guy driving a black Ford pick-up with oversize tires) started speculating about what I was towing.

Naturally, I didn’t let his comment go unanswered so I prodded him to keep guessing.  He also thought the car might be a Sunbeam Alpine.  Good guess, and I was impressed that he was absolutely right in thinking the car was British.

When I finally told him it’s a Triumph Spitfire, he asked if it was a TR3.  Oh.  Turns out he didn’t know much about little British cars after all.  Oh well.

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