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Update to the driver’s seat

So the driver’s seat of the Triumph has always been a little bent.  It was apparently deformed a bit after the rollover in 1966.

On top of that (and possibly also because of the 1966 accident), a bracer bar in the bottom back broke off.

So a couple of weeks ago, I removed the driver’s seat from the car in an attempt to fix both issues.

The first order of business was the bracer bar in the back.  There’s a clip that’s supposed to latch onto that bar.  Since the bar was never attached, the seat could always move forward without effort.

Now, I’m definitely not the best welder around, but I can do a few things with the simple welder I have, so after a bit of work, the bracer bar has been welded back in place.

For what it’s worth, the bracer bar was originally tack welded into place.  That wouldn’t work for me, so I tried to run as much of a bead weld across the two pieces as possible.

As for the bend in the seat, I don’t really want to take the upholstery off the seats.  The vinyl is tacked in place and has little clips holding it in place.

I’m afraid removing the coverings to truly fix the frame would cause too much damage to the vinyl.  So, while saving that for later, I just tried bending the seat to make sit properly.

Indeed, I did manage to bend the seat into a better position.  However, I still don’t think it’s perfect and may require a more adjustments in the future.


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