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Tacho No Mo

So Paul and I went for a little drive today (it’s a pretty day) in the Spitfire.  We needed to fill the little gas can for the lawn mower, and figured we should top off the tank in the Triumph.

The ride to the gas station was uneventful.  We went south along the St. Paul side of the Mississippi River Parkway, then left on Randolph.  There’s a gas station at Randolph and Snelling that sells non-oxygenated fuels, which is better for older cars that weren’t designed to run on this new-fangled oxygenated stuff.

Instrument Cluster At Night

Along the way, every now and then, the tachometer would make a little grinding noise, accompanied by the needle bouncing around a little erratically.  No big deal, I thought — it’s actually been doing that quite a bit this spring — it’s probably a loose connection, or a fraying cable, or something like that.  In the end, it’s just the tachometer — it’s not exactly critical to forward movement.

We filled up the car, and the gas can, then got back in for the ride home.  Fortunately, the noise was gone.  Unfortunately, the tachometer was stuck on zero.  It looks like a new cable on Victoria British is $14.95, so I foresee an upcoming order for that, and potentially a couple of other parts.


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First Drive Of Spring

I took the Spitfire out for a short drive (and celebratory pizza) yesterday evening, which is the first drive this spring.

The brakes are a bit better.  However, as I told Paul, I’m not sure if that’s because they’re actually better, or if it’s psychological and I’m hammering them harder because I know components have been replaced and rebuilt.

The tachometer was making a bit of noise, as if the cable is slipping or jumping.  That noise went away after a while, then came back, then went away again.  Each time, the noise was accompanied by the tach jumping around a bit.  By the end of the drive, it seemed fine, so I’ll keep an eye on it.

Everything else about the drive was fun and easy.  Everything worked and handled as expected.

I kept the top up as it was still a bit cool out.

Perhaps the worst problem was just dodging all the potholes on the streets.  It seems some were large enough to swallow the little Triumph.

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